Frequently asked questions

How do I care for my ceramic pieces?

Hand wash for an extended life. All ceramics and glazes are food safe. The pieces are fired cone 10 reduction, so they are dense and strong.

Will I get the exact piece that I see on the website?

Since the items are hand thrown and glazed, they will vary slightly in size and finish if there are multiples shown. The photos on the webiste are a good representation. In the case of multiples, we will pick a unique one for you. But most of the listings on this site are unique and the item shown is the one you will receive.

Are the candles non-toxic?

The candles are soy based, phalate free, lead free wick.

How can I reuse my candle vessel once the candle wax is gone?

You can reuse your ceramic candle as a functional vessel once your candle wax has been used. Preheat oven to 200 degrees. Line a baking sheet /pyrex baking dish with aluminum foil. Place candle vessel upside down on foil and place it into the oven for 15 minutes. The was will melt onto the aluminum foil. Carefully remove sheet and vessel from oven using oven mitts. The vessel will be hot, so clean out residual wax with a paper towel and rubbing alcohol while keeping your hands protected. Finally, hand wash for use as a mug, tumbler, vase, or salt cellar. All ceramics and glazes are food safe.

Can I place a wholesale or special order from your inventory?

Yes! Please contact us via the form on our website for more information.

Can I combine shipping?

Shipping will be USPS priority mail or UPS/Fed Ex flat rate. I will ship within 2 business days of ordering so allow for timing on your end for when your item is needed. As shipping rates have changed, I have done flat rate by pound in your cart for the items and I will reimburse any shipping overage, as I am learning what it really costs to ship.