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hand thrown vessels for everyday use

Beth Mullins creates unique hand thrown ceramics for plants and flowers. With a full time job in landscape and interior design, she often reaches for just the right vase or planter to finish the space. Since she loves to collect pods, spent flowers, and twigs, the flower frog vases became an answer for arranging dry or fresh bouquets.

Beth loves to work with texture and form, and she often leaves the raw clay body exposed through the firing so that glazing on the exterior is minimal, or a pattern or shadow from the reduction firing shows on the piece.  Pottery is her meditative creative time when she can create her own visions for use in her interior and exterior designs.

Studio Growsgreen Ceramics are useful sculptural vessels for everyday use. Use a handled vase or flower frog to display small treasures collected on a walk or from your garden, like a textured pod or a dried flower, or beautiful fresh flowers in full bloom. The lids of the flower frog vases can be used as frogs in other vessels you own, or you can use it as a vase without the lid.

Our seasonal released candles and salt cellars bring aromatherapy and handmade goods to your home and table.  Unique scents were sourced for the soy based candles, like grapefruit, tomato bush, and Douglas fir. Once the candle wax is gone, you have a wonderful tea mug or small bowl.  

To learn more about Beth's landscape and interior design work, visit and

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